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2016 Pari Passu

2016 Pari Passu

2016 Pari Passu Pinot Noir

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Dear Friends:

With the arrival of Spring comes the highly anticipated New Release of Pari Passu! Personally, I am head over heels for this wine. It has a delightful perfume, elegant purity, sturdy composition and impeccably seamless finish creating a truly remarkable experience. As a member of Retour, you are receiving an allocation of the 2016 Pari Passu. I take great pride in the outstanding and pristine quality. After seven patient years of growing, crafting and aging this wine, I am finally able to celebrate the opportunity to share it with you!

As the season of Spring begins, I hope you are surrounded by an abundance of colorful blooms, flourishing gardens, joy, love and good health. May your glasses and hearts be full... and like always, may your corks fly straight and your aim be true! 

{Latin for Equal Footing}

“SIX DEGREES of SEPARATION”  So many stories about making a wine are focused solely on just the farmer and vintner, but there are numerous unsung heroes who play a critical role in crafting and celebrating each vintage. There is so much more glowing appreciation to give to those who have an equal footing, or hand in the fabric of making and celebrating each vintage. From the GROWER and their meticulous crew, to the WINEMAKER and harvest team who dedicated their entire days and sleepless nights in pursuit of perfect balance and harmony, to the FAMILY within the winery who has a constant pulse on each calculated move, to the DISTRIBUTOR that carefully promotes the wine, the SOMMELIERS or WINE BUYERS handselling each allocated bottle -- and lastly, the soulful COLLECTOR who pops the cork and rejoices in the beauty of the vintage with their friends and family.

There is an underlying partnership and SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION that create the driving eminence in the entire life cycle from farming and craftsmanship to the moment of breaking the bread and sipping the wine. 

Orders will be held until safe temperatures for shipping permit. We take every caution in order to protect the wine. 

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