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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Retour, we are so excited you chose to visit us.

Retour was founded in 2005 with a focused mission: to create an exceptional old-vine Pinot Noir from highly acclaimed vineyards in unique places across the picturesque Willamette Valley. The average age of vines are more than 50 years old, reflecting our dedication to working with time-honored roots. We are deeply committed to a hands-on approach with each vine (even plucking unwanted berries from clusters with “tweezers”). This meticulous attention extends to the cellar, where we embrace minimal intervention, aiming to achieve the elusive balance between expression and elegance. 

To unveil the purity of place and the authentic character of each vintage, we ferment our Pinot Noir with native yeasts, age it in individual lots, and refrain from filtration and fining. The culmination of these efforts is a single wine produced annually for Retour each year, and only the best barrels are orchestrated into the final blend. Retour stands as a complex, nuanced wine, graced with impeccable acidity and an eloquent structure. It is crafted to age gracefully in your cellar, offering great rewards for years to come. While many liken our natural approach to winemaking to the revered Burgundian style, for us, it is the only authentic way to create a wine that genuinely reveals itself and the unique terroir it hails from. 

For those who have followed our journey over the years, you know that our goal is to produce an exceptional Pinot Noir that transcends the ordinary, a wine that imparts the rich history, purity and soul of our beloved region. As part of the Retour Family, we also offer additional Pinot Noirs: Manifest Destiny, a tribute to my ancestors who crossed The Oregon Trail in 1847; The Holy Grail, the crown jewel of our portfolio; Pari Passu, celebrating the six degrees of separation; and a truly downright delicious, acid-driven Rosé. It is our great joy to offer you a wine that has such great depth and a story to tell, a wine that – if you listen carefully – will show you the road home.

Given the limited production of Retour Wines, the best way to acquire is directly from our winery. We encourage you to join our MAILING LIST, to receive our Annual Private Offering. If you’re eager to place an order (which we wholeheartedly recommend!), or wish to add more to your collection, please contact me directly. Your interest and support are extremely appreciated and I cannot thank you enough for being a part of our story.

May your corks fly straight and your aim be true!

Affectionately Yours,


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