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"When a vine is at home, it settles in and starts to transmit.
We “hear” those transmissions as flavors."  - Terry Theise



For more than five decades, our resilient vines have delved deep into the earth, deftly navigating rocks and unraveling millennia of history in their unyielding quest for water, minerals, nutrients, and a place to call home. These roots, truly entrenched, serve as a living testament to the trials and triumphs that have battered, shaped and graced the land - be it the fiery echoes of volcanic activity, the torrents of glacial floods, or the tribulations of the souls harvesting its bounty. Their journey reaching into the depths unveils a captivating and complex story to be shared with you.

Our Vineyards: a collection of old vines in unique places, lovingly tended by devoted growers, each one echoing the distinct essence of its special place on the earth. Meticulously chosen for their ability to articulate the very spirit of the Willamette Valley, these vineyards stand as individual works of beauty and uniqueness, while their harmonious blend resonates with unwavering allure. They form a family—an analogy akin to children who might occasionally clash and debate, yet ultimately forge an unbreakable bond. Over time, they realize their interdependence and discover solace in each other's presence. Together, they are magnified, enriched, more complex, and exquisitely balanced, ultimately weaving a complete tapestry that narrates the captivating story of the Willamette Valley.

Retour is a pure expression of Pinot Noir, a seamless blend of multiple vineyards that thrive in the embrace of the Willamette Valley, gracing southeast facing slopes at elevations ranging from 450 to 800 ft. Each vineyard possesses a distinctive soil composition—Jory, Nekia, Willakenzie, and Laurelwood—further contributing to the wine's multifaceted character. As autumn unfolds, the harvest dates span from mid to late October, ensuring the fruit attains its peak perfection.