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"When a vine is at home, it settles in and starts to transmit.
We “hear” those transmissions as flavors."  - Terry Theise



For more than 30 years our vines have reached deep into the soil, navigating rocks and breaking apart millennia of creation in a nervous search for water, minerals, nutrients and the stability of home. If they are at home, these roots become a looking glass to everything that has battered, shaped and graced the land, from volcanic activity to glacial floods to the tribulations of the souls harvesting its bounty. The further the vines reach, they have a greater and more complex story to share with you.

Our Vineyards: they are old vines in unique places, nurtured by attentive growers, echoing their special spot on the earth. We carefully selected these vineyards because each site expresses the Willamette Valley in an articulate voice. Individually they are beautiful and unique, yet together their harmony resonates. United they form a family. Like children, they might annoy one another and have even been known to argue, but ultimately an unbreakable bond is forged. They eventually learn they need each other, they are at home together. Together they are better, richer, more complex and more balanced; together they tell a more complete story of the Willamette Valley.

Retour is 100% pure Pinot Noir. A blend from six vineyards with an average age of vines that are 48 years old. The appellation is Willamette Valley with a topography of southeast facing slopes and an elevation range of 450-800 ft. The diverse soil types are Jory, Nekia, Willakenzie and Laurelwood. Harvest dates average a range from mid to late October.