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Our wines are very limited in production, allowing us to focus intently on crafting each Pinot Noir with precision. A symphony of complexity and nuance, our wines deliver pitch-perfect acidity and an eloquent structure, making them ideal for graceful aging in the cellar. However, if patience isn't your strong suit, you will airily devour every last drop in your glass. 

Driven by a vigorous spirit for quality and leveraging a close partnership with our growers, we are deeply committed to nurturing each vine, in each vineyard, throughout the growing season in order to achieve the flavor intensity and purity we require. Our relentless pursuits include advanced sustainable farming practices, precise vine and soil nutrition, meticulous canopy and yield management, and even age-old tradition of “talking and singing to our vines”. The unwavering loyalty of our growers, the diligence of their crews, and the exceptional efforts of our winery team are instrumental in the success of every vintage.

In the weeks leading up to harvest, we meticulously pull leaves to enhance airflow and minimize the risk of disease. Walking through each row, vine by vine, we assess the condition of each and every cluster. We drop any unwanted clusters and pluck any damaged berries from their havens with “tweezers”. Some may view this level of meticulousness as costly and obsessive, but we are driven to do whatever it takes to ensure the fruit reaches beautiful, flavorful perfection before harvesting. Our reputation as meticulous vine tenders is a testament to our unwavering attention to detail, firmly believing that patience and extreme precision, always bring great rewards.

Before the sun rises, our Pinot Noir is carefully handpicked and sorted in the vineyard. Another thorough sorting takes place at the winery, ensuring pristine quality. The harvest days are moments of pure gratification, as these practices and the commitment of everyone involved nurture healthy clusters and foster great physiological ripeness.

Good beginnings, make great endings...

During fermentation, most of the fruit is destemmed and fermented as whole berries in individual lots. A smaller portion is fermented using whole clusters, adding spice, complexity, and texture to the wine. Embracing native yeasts during fermentation contributes to greater complexity, aligning the wine's profile with its unique vineyard origins. Utilizing simple yet artful techniques such as meticulous fruit sorting, precise temperature control, gentle punchdowns, and pumpovers, as well as gravity-fed movements, we tend to the wine with delicate care, coaxing and guiding its development without intrusion. The journey of raising the wine demands a watchful and experienced eye, knowing when to provide loving discipline and when to let nature take its course. Once fermentation is complete, the wines are moved by gravity to rest quietly in French oak barrels, before the final blend is orchestrated with utmost skill and finesse.