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The crown-jewel of the Retour Portfolio of wines, The Holy Grail stands as a remarkable Pinot Noir inviting you on a magnificent journey that showcases the nobility of how exceptional this varietal thrives in Oregon. With only one wine produced each year, and the finest barrels meticulously selected for the final blend, it epitomizes the pursuit of our quest—to elevate our wines to an even grander horizon, creating the absolute quintessential Pinot Noir. This powerful and highly structured wine has been crafted to gracefully age for up to forty years from its release. In our cellar, it holds a revered position, basking in the highest realm of light.

"I am anchored to the Willamette Valley because it is fundamental to who I am – abundance in the face of capricious summers and blustery winters, the sweet and exotic smells of sun-drenched blackberries, succulent peaches and crisp apples, along with the invigorating salty sting of cold Pacific Ocean winds. But beyond its natural splendor, it's the people—their strong work ethic and caring attitude—that truly define this region. The Willamette Valley hums with the harmony of this song, and it has become my quest to share its beauty with others through not only Retour, but The Holy Grail." - Lindsay Woodard